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To contact Rosalind Carlson, please use one of the following methods:

Via Post:

Rosalind Carlson
P.O. Box 3304
Dural  NSW  2158

Via Telephone:

(02) 9653 1066 (from within Australia)
+61 2 9653 1066 (from outside Australia)

Via Fax:

(02) 9651 4338 (from within Australia)
+61 2 9651 4338 (from outside Australia)

Via Email:

NOTE: Please allow up to two weeks for Rosalind to receive the email.  The email will be received by her in "hardcopy" form, and she will respond to the email using post, telephone or fax as requested.  Responses will not normally be sent via email, so please indicate your desired alternative contact method and provide the necessary contact information.  If only email contact information is received, a standard email response may be sent requesting alternative contact information.



To contact the Webmaster, please use the following method:

Via Email

If you have any queries about the structure or use of this website, or you wish to report a section of this website which is not functioning properly, please email the webmaster at the following address.  Responses will be sent via return email.  Please note that any emails sent to this address will NOT be passed on to Rosalind Carlson.



Home > Contact Information