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The albums of the Carlson Chorale can be ordered using the standard order form below.  Individual works sung by the chorale can also be purchased here.



The Flexi-Fingers Online Order Form can be accessed using the link below. 

Payment Options:  cheque or money order or direct bank deposit  (see details on order form)

To send your order, please complete the order form online, then print the order form using the print option in your browser.  Send the printed order form, together with your cheque, money order, or direct deposit receipt to the following address:

    Rosalind Carlson
    P.O. Box 3304
    Dural  NSW  2158

Phone: (02) 9653 1066    (international +61 2 9653 1066)

Open the Flexi-Fingers Online Order Form for books, music and CDs

(Note: the order form will open in a new browser window.  Simply close the order form window to return to this page.)


Home > Order Information (Carlson Chorale)