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The Carlson Chorale have three albums available for purchase.  All albums were recorded in the magnificent acoustics of the Mount St Benedict Convent Chapel.  Arcadia, the first album, was recorded in 2000.  Since its release, Arcadia has enjoyed regular airplay on both ABC and 2MBS FM radio.  Australian Sunrise, the second album, was recorded in 2002.  It demonstrates the Chorale's versatility and its varied repertoire.  The third album, Reflections, was released in 2012, and is the 40th Anniversary Celebration - Archival CD.

All of these albums may be purchased using the Online Order Form.


   1.   Panis Angelicus    César Franck   (Edwin Ashdown Ltd - London)   3:05
   2.   The Ships of Arcady   Michael Head   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   3:11
   3.   A Blossom Falls  Maurice Ravel   (Belwin Mills - N.Y.)   3:11
   4.   Five Eyes   Armstrong Gibbs   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:21
   5.   Hippity Hoppity   Zoltán Kodály   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:21
   6.   Sea Shells   Miriam Hyde   (Australian Music Centre - Sydney)   5:29
         (soloist: Margie Lattimore)
   7.   Uluru Dreaming   Ruth Lee Martin   (The Keys Press - W.A.)   3:16
   8.   Psalms of Joy   Rosalind Carlson   (Flexi-Fingers Pub. - Dural N.S.W.)   5:18
   9.   Balulalow   Benjamin Britten*   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:21
         (soloist: Margie Lattimore)
   10.  This little Babe   Benjamin Britten*   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:32
   11.  Spring Carol   Benjamin Britten*   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:09
         (soloists: Margie Lattimore / Elizabeth Willis)
   12.  Adam lay i-bounden   Benjamin Britten*   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)  1:09
   13.  Sleep, Little Baby, Sleep   Don Besig   (Harold Flammer, Inc. PA)   2:30
         (flautist: Stephanie Harrisson)
   14.  Rock, the Cradle Mary   arr. Rosalind Carlson   2:31
   15.  Sing a Song of Sixpence   Michael Diack   (Paterson's Pub. Ltd - London)   2:32
   16.  Elizabethan Serenade   Ronald Binge   (Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd - London)   3:07
   17.  Summertime   George Gershwin   (Chappell & Co. - London)   2:04

          * Tracks 9 to 12 - "A Ceremony of Carols" - Benjamin Britten

   Australian Sunrise

   1.   The Australian Sunrise   Frank Hutchens   (Chappell & Co. - London)   3:57
   2.   Wind Song   Frank Hutchens   (Chappell & Co. - London)   3:58
   3.   Nightingale Lane   Arthur Benjamin   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   3:32
   4.   Hymn to the Waters   Gustav Holst Choral Hymn No. 2 from "Rig Veda"   (Stainer & Bell Ltd - London)   2:13
         (Harp: Marshall McGuire)
   5.   Wainamoinen Makes Music   Zoltán Kodály   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   4:07
         (Harp: Marshall McGuire)
   6.   Ave Maria   Zoltán Kodály   (Universal Ed. - England)   1:51
   7.   Dancing Song   Zoltán Kodály   (Oxford University Press - London)   1:38
   8.   Don't Leave Me   Béla Bartók   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:19
   9.   I Will Give My Love an Apple   arr. Brian Trant   (Oxford University Press - London)   1:18
   10.  Jesu, Rex Admirabilis   Palestrina   (Cambridge University Press - London)   0:46
   11.  The Virgin's Cradle Hymn   Edmund Rubbra   (Oxford University Press - London)   1:20
   12.  Hear the Angels Sing   Rosalind Carlson   (Flexi-Fingers Pub. - Dural N.S.W.)   5:18
          (Soprano: Margie Lattimore, Flute: Stephanie Harrisson, Piano: Carole Handley)
   13.  Carol of the Bells   M. Leontovich arr. Peter Wilhousky   (Carl Fischer - New York)   1:37
   14.  O, Praise God in His Holiness   Armstrong Gibbs   (Oxford University Press - London)   3:25
   15.  For the Beauty of the Earth   John Rutter   (Oxford University Press - London)   4:06
          (Flute: Stephanie Harrisson)
   16.  Shepherd's Pipe Carol   John Rutter   (Oxford University Press - London)   2:57
          (Soprano: Margie Lattimore, Flute: Stephanie Harrisson)
   17.  Ching-a-Ring-Chaw   Adapted by Aaron Copland   (Boosey & Hawkes Pub. Ltd - London)   1:40
   18.  Little Jack Horner   arr. Michael Diack   (Paterson's Pub. Ltd - London)   2:54



40th Anniversary Celebration Archival CD Album - “Reflections”

Newly launched and released on 18 November 2012

The Carlson Chorale’s 3rd CD, “Reflections” was recorded to celebrate the Carlson Chorale’s 40th Anniversary since its inception in 1972.

The 21 tracks are a remarkable record of the development of the sound of this award winning female chamber choir spanning the history of The Carlson Chorale’s choral singing from 1980-2012 under the baton of Rosalind Carlson - Sydney based composer, conductor and music educator.

It includes six tracks recorded in Concert in the Rosslyn Hill Chapel, London on 6 January 1980 during the Chorale’s European Tour.

The next two works were recorded by the ABC in the 1992 “Horizons Series” - a Festival of Contemporary Australian Choral Music - at the Eugene Goossens Hall Sydney on 20 September 1992.  These are Anne Boyd’s “The Last of His Tribe” and Ross Edward’s “Five Carols from Quem Quaeritis” both of which are “licensed courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation”.

In 1997 at the 3rd Australian Women’s Music Festival held in Sydney, The Carlson Chorale gave an hour recital of Australian Choral works at St. Scholastica’s Chapel, Glebe on 28 September 1997.  From this programme Moneta Eagles’ “Night’s Thoughts” is included in this album.

The remainder of this archival album was recorded on 16 September 2012 in the magnificent acoustics of the Convent Chapel, Mount St. Benedict Convent, Pennant Hills, NSW. 

“Reflections” not only reflects the history, repertoire and sound of the Carlson Chorale over the past 40 years but is a reflection of the love of choral singing and dedication to performance of its founder and conductor Rosalind Carlson.

“Reflections” CDs are available for $25.00 plus delivery.

For further information, and to place an order, please contact Rosalind Carlson using the details at the top of this page.


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