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Australian Bush Calls for alto saxophone and piano

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Chamber Music / Instrumental Music - alto saxophone and piano

"Australian Bush Calls", for alto saxophone and piano - 2006 - duration 4:30 minutes

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Commissioned by, dedicated to, and composed for Alina Zamfir (saxophone) and for her mother Sorina Zamfir (pianist).

This composition is based on a series of melodic and rhythmic motifs that are suggestive of various bush calls that Rosalind has heard on her Arcadian property in New South Wales.

These motifs or figures are to be found in the texture of both instruments.

The sonorous pianistic style of writing contrasts the interesting configurations of the alto saxophone component.

Rosalind climaxes the work with an energetic central section announced by piano double octaves in fortissimo. 

A brilliant dramatique cadenza for solo saxophone marked "ad lib" acts as a coda to this fascinating musical work.

World Premiere Performance given by guest artists Alina Zamfir (saxophone) and Sorina Zamfir (piano) at the Carlson Chorale Recital held at Mt St Benedict Convent Chapel, Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia on 19th November 2006.

Availability:  Music Score is available from Flexi-Fingers or the Australian Music Centre - Sydney.  To order from Flexi-Fingers, see the order form.

Note: On request in 2011 a transcription of this work was composed by Rosalind Carlson for the oboe and piano.

CDs and Scores are available for viewing at the library of the Australian Music Centre, including the above work.  Follow the link below for a complete listing of works by Rosalind Carlson available from the library:


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