Rosalind Carlson OAM
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The Wooden Broomstick Scherzo for bassoon and piano Chamber Music / Instrumental Music / Woodwind - Bassoon and Piano "The Wooden Broomstick Scherzo" in G minor, for bassoon and piano - 1998 - duration approx. 3 minutes The word "scherzo" means a music joke. This composition displays the whimsical character of the scherzo throughout the music.
The "woody" sound of the bassoon's timbre is captured by the composer, Rosalind Carlson. Also, the comical element of the bassoon is captivating as the music proceeds throughout the contrasting mood changes in this energetic piece. The piano adds interest and variety with its infectious rhythms and syncopated chordal figures. This is a most enjoyable composition with potential for comedy. It is an excellent performance piece suitable for competitions and concerts. The Level of performance is approximately Grade 5 in difficulty. The World Premiere Performance of this work was given by the well-known Australian bassoonist John Cran. This performance took place at the Picton Shire Hall, NSW, Australia on the 18th April 2010. The large audience was most receptive and delighted to hear this comic scherzo. Published in 2001 by Phylloscopus Publications - United Kingdom. Exam Syllabus Information: Trinity College London has this work listed for Grade 5 examination.