Rosalind Carlson

My Works

List of Suitable H.S.C. Works for studies in Composition, Musicology and Performance, composed by Rosalind Carlson.

The H.S.C. is the Higher School Certificate, covering years 11 and 12 in the Secondary Schools system throughout Australia.


• "Australian Bird Suite" (2002) for solo flute.

• "Forest Bell-birds" (2004) for solo flute.

• "Ozzie Bush Birds" Op.29 (2014) for flute and piano.

• "Waterfall in Spring" (1997) for flute and piano.


• "Forest Bell-birds" (2004) for solo piccolo - score only


• "Australian Bush Calls" (transcription) (2011) for oboe and piano.

• "Circle of Memories" (2002) for solo oboe.

• "Pastorale" (2011)

• "The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos" (2010)

• "Australian Daybreak" Op.32 (2017)

Alto Saxophone

• "Australian Bush Calls" (2006) for alto saxophone and piano.

• "Australian Daybreak" Op.32 (2017)

    Note: This work is suitable for the full range of saxaphones.


• "Cat and Kitten" (2002) for solo Bb Clarinet.

Cor Anglais

• "Circle of Memories" (2002)

• "Pastorale" (2011)

• "The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos" (2010)

• "Australian Daybreak" Op.32 (2017)




• "The Wooden Broomstick Scherzo" (1998) - for bassoon and piano.

• "Australian Bushfire" (2002) for violin and piano.


• "Whales, Waves & the Ocean" (2008) for cello and piano.


• "Five Concert Pieces" (1990-2) for piano solo (moderately difficult).

• "Three Australian Landscapes" (1994-5) for piano solo (more advanced students).


• "Hear the Angels Sing" (2000) for soprano solo and piano.

• "Hear the Angels Sing" (2003) Chamber Trio for soprano, flute and piano.

    This work sung by the Carlson Chorale, was norminated for "Song of the Year" in the 2003 Classical

     Music APRA AWARDS Vocal Section.