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Forest Bell-birds for flute or piccolo Instrumental Music / Woodwind - Flute or Piccolo "Forest Bell-birds" for solo flute - 2004 - duration approx. 8 minutes "Forest Bell-birds" for solo piccolo - 2004 - duration approx. 8 minutes Transcription for Piccolo After a conversation with the Australian flautist Lewis Mitchell, this transcription was composed and dedicated to him. Lewis is based in London. Subsequently, Lewis has given the "Forest Bell-birds" performances in both London and in Europe.
Inspiration The inspiration for "Forest Bell-birds" was twofold: a) Hearing the bell minor birds singing in the forests and in the cool valley glens in New South Wales (Sydney, Gosford and Kurrajong). The bell-like quality ringing through the trees. These ringing calls and song-like tones of the bell-birds Rosalind found to be particularly beautiful. b) The Henry Kendall (1839-82) native born Australian poet's splendid poem entitled "Bell-birds" published 1869. Some of the key words in this poem, which Rosalind found to be inspirational, are: 1. "By channels of coolness the echoes are calling" 2. "the silver-voiced bell-birds" 3. "The notes of the bell-birds are running and ringing." 4. "The woodland"; "the forest"; "far-forest rafters". In 2004, just prior to composing the "Forest Bell-birds", Rosalind visited the Cumberland State Forest at Castle Hill, NSW. Here she walked into the forest, where she was surrounded by the beautiful ringing bell tones of the bell minor birds. Rosalind spent time absorbing the resonating sounds singing through the tall stately trees of the forest. In "Forest Bell-birds" Rosalind has endeavoured to portray three aspects from the poem. These are annotated on the score: 1. The forest figure - tall and stately 2. The bell-birds song-like motif and characteristics 3. The echoing bird calls which form the central figure to this work. The world premiere performance of "Forest Bell-birds" was performed by the flautist Sue Capper on November 20th 2005 at the Carlson Chorale recital held at Mt St Benedict Convent Chapel, Pennant Hills, NSW. Forest Bell-birds Reviews 1. March 2005 - reviewed by Vanessa Massey in the Hills Shire Times 2. May 2005 - reviewed by the editor of the Dooral Roundup Magazine 3. April 2007 - reviewed by Meldi Arkinstall in the Northern District Times 4. February 2009 - reviewed by Vanessa Bradbury in the Hills Shire Times Published by: Phylloscopus Publications - Lancaster U.K