Rosalind Carlson OAM
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Circle of Memories for solo oboe or Cor Anglais Instrumental Music / Woodwind / Oboe or Cor Anglais "Circle of Memories", for solo oboe or Cor Anglais - 2002 - duration approx. 4 minutes
This is a commissioned work for the Melbourne (Australia) oboist Margaret Burden. The work was commissioned on April 3, 2002, and completed on May 26, 2002. The "memories" are regarding Rosalind Carlson's late husband, David Carlson, who died in March 2000. Rosalind writes "I am particularly thinking of him and 'remembering' the things we did together. So there is a 'yearning' for him in this music. This thought bears out in the sensitive opening theme, repetitive in nature, which keeps circling around. Hence the title." So overall, the music is "reflective" and "sad" in character. There are some contrasting episodes that do have more animation to them (reflecting on happier times) but such episodes are short lived. The solo oboe is perfect for this mood of "longing". World Premiere Performance given by Rachel Tolmie on cor anglais. This took place at the Ron Lander Centre Waverley Library Theatrette on 7th March 2010. Rosalind Carlson, the composer, was present at this recital. She was excited to hear this composition played on the cor anglais because it added to the mournful tonality of this work. Second Australian Performance: 18th April 2010. Held at the Picton Shire Hall, NSW, Australia, and was given by Rachel Tolmie on cor anglais. The composer was present on invitation, and spoke about the work - which was enthusiastically received by the audience. In 2005 the work was published Phylloscopus Publications in England. Exam Syllabus Information: Trinity College London has this work listed for Grade 8 examination.