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Cat and Kitten for clarinet Instrumental Music / Woodwind - Clarinet "Cat and Kitten" for solo clarinet - 2002 - duration approx. 2:30 minutes
Rosalind Carlson has really enjoyed herself in composing this commissioned work. It is dedicated to the Clarinetist Rowena Watts from Sydney, Australia. This is a playful work depicting the contrasting characteristic features of the mother cat and her kitten. The result is an exciting Allegro with tumbling musical figures, much chromaticism, stealthful staccato and purring passages. This results in mood changes and tempo changes. The Premiere Performance was in Sydney on 30th November 2003, by Rowena Watts. Other Live Performances 22nd November 2009 at the Carlson Chorale recital held at Mt St Benedict Convent Chapel, Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia by Rowena Watts. This was a highly imaginative and brilliant performance of this work. Phylloscopus Publications in England published “Cat and Kitten” in August 2003. Trinity College London have “Cat and Kitten” listed in their Grade 5 Clarinet examination syllabus.