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Australian Day break

Instrumental Music


“Australian Daybreak,” Op 32 in G minor for solo Oboe, or Cor Anglais or Saxophone - 2017


Duration is approximately 5 minutes.



I consider myself to be a “grass roots” composer, for my inspiration is derived from nature.


Stylistically, the melodic content found in my works is an important element and integral feature. Here the tonality is driven by “ sound” rather than by key.


My aim is to describe in sound an interpretation of aspects of my natural  environment . Therefore my music can be quite evocative. It is this “Australian sound” l am endeavouring to capture in my creative output.


In this musical composition, I am describing a visionary scene which I have the joy of observing in the

mornings through my bedroom window. My bedroom faces the east.


It is very early in the morning and all is calm. So the opening musical figure is inspired by this stillness.

As I am looking at the breaking of the dawn, I have entitled this work "Daybreak".


The musical description becomes more evocative as the scene changes and the brightness of the morning

develops. This is evidenced through rhythmic, melodic, motivic figures, ornaments and tonal changes.


I have set the opening theme in the key of G minor. However, musical action is triggered as the faint sky

colourings deepen with the sun rising followed by the birds twittering and singing. My property in

Arcadia has a wide variety of bird life living here.


After the return of the main thematic ideas, there is an extended Coda. This Coda captures the various

melodic and rhythmic motifs found earlier in the work.


Because of the resonant timbre of the Oboe, the rich and expressive quality of the Cor Anglais, and the

depth of colouring and richness of sound of the Saxophone, these wind instruments are most suitable

to portray the atmospheric features in my musical composition.


N.B. Saxophone players:- this work is suitable for the full range of saxophones.

It is your option to choose whichever type of saxophone you wish to play.