Rosalind Carlson OAM
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Arcadian Melodies Opus 34 for Flute and for Alto Saxophone 2020 Inspired by Nature Duration 6:30 minutes
The Australian flautist Jessica Scott had been performing in her concert programs a selection of my flute compositions. Jessica was particularly interested in the evocative and expressive aspect of my works, which are inspired by nature. Subsequently, Jessica approached me with a request to compose for her students. This request was for a series of short descriptive pieces for flute and saxophone. She further requested them to be graded starting with the simplest in style and in keys. In a way it became a tutor whereby Jessica could encourage her students in performance to concentrate on such musical concepts as: articulation, breath control, phrasing, imagination, correct embouchure, rhythm, intervals and so on. To assist the students’ imagination, each short piece has a title, and is illustrated. N.B. This musical score is hand written and illustrated by Dawn Nettheim.